Getting Blown Away

It seems I can always find an excuse to avoid writing on my blog. And here comes another: We’ve been preparing for hurricane Dorian. It is just now that I found the time to mention a few things going on related to my writing career. One important item, Amazon Kindle Support has not figured out why I can’t publish my digital copy of The Magical, Mystical Golden Steed with edge-to-edge images (I have over 12 in this children’s chapter novel).

And so, I decided to go with what I have but had to upload the entire manuscript up to the Kindle website because of an error; a lengthy process. BTW, it was ready to go before, so I don’t know what happened to the file to cause an error. Now, I’m waiting on them to release the book, in hopes to gain some marking advantage for the Labor Day holiday.

My fans have a special treat (and anyone else for that matter): I’ve got several Amazon Give Aways going starting today. And for two different chances to win digital copies of The Pickled Man, and BluBerrie: The Candy-Store. Here are the links respectively: and

These giveaways prove helpful, although I only sell a few copies right after the giveaway is over, however many decide to follow me on my page: and that’s a good thing…

Let me think… Oh, yeah, I just sent the fourth chapter manuscript for BluBerrie: The Gallery to the editor. That little tiny, tiny, tiniest of them all turtle, BluBerrie is up to her usual mischievous adventures, so be on the lookout for it. I think it is scheduled for publication sometime in November of this year. It looks like Jacabo Studio will be publishing it. (They better — LOL — I own the company.) I’m glad to say that the editor I used on my past two novels, decided at the last minute to edit The Gallery. I trust her to make my garbled up prose sound intelligent. (Youse can tell the mess I make here on my blog.)

One More Thing

I started to draw the digital illustrations for The Gallery, but I’m having a hard time with them. I got so used to the coloring pencils that the BluBerrie kids are not turning out at all as I want. I may have to retrain myself using SketchBook and my Picasso drawing table. (© by their respective owners).

Well… that’s it for now. Make sure when you visit me here, to leave me a comment or question you may have regarding my work.

— j.o.y.

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James O. Youngcliff is a children’s fiction writer who has published several exciting “telling stories” for adolescents with his BluBerrie Series. In addition, he’s written several fantasy novels for the advanced young adult reader. His works, however, never fail to impart wisdom for those willing to take the time to go down the “road less traveled.” So, prepare yourself for the strange, surreal, and twisted. Originally from New York City, he lives in Dade City, Florida and when not writing, he oil paints, and exhibits in art galleries throughout his home state. Currently, he is working on his fifth BluBerrie Chapter Book, BluBerrie: The Botanical Garden, publishing soon. Be sure to check for more book details or visit his blog at To purchase his books, go to at:

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