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Cover of book shows the title: The Magical, Mystical Golden Steed. And photo montage of a golden steed, a witch and  eerie forest scene.
The Magical, Mystical Golden Steed
is scheduled to publish Sept. 2, 2019
There’s so much to tell…

Sorry, for not posting sooner. I’ve been putting to “bed” my latest novel for children, The Magical, Mystical Golden Steed. It took me away from my posting because I illustrated the book. By the time I was finished, I had over 14 drawings done for it.

They are 9 in. x 12 in. in full color (BTW, they are for sale if anyone is interested. Please contact me and I’ll give you details and prices). One big side note: It was my first crack at colored pencils, so naturelly they took longer to do. In fact, over three weeks, and over nine hours for each drawing.

I must confess, my beautiful daughter turned me on to coloring pencils. I normally draw in charcoal pencils and only with two colors. i.e. https://www.jacabostudio.com/charcoal-pencil-drawings.html 

Did I mention that besides authoring children’s books, I’m also a surrealist artist? My work as a painter gets heavy, and I noticed that it spilled over to my current illustrations for the new novel. One can see the influences in several of the drawings (see image below). I tend to like the simple use of media for my drawings. I like charcoal and in only two flavors, that is, till now. 

What else?

Oh, yes: If you missed a chance to win a free digital copy of my earlier book, The Pickled Man, go over to https://giveaway.amazon.com/p/2855d30a7bb4447d . The contest is well on its way, but you still have time to enter: August 18, 2019 11:59 PM.

What am I forgetting?

One more item to report: I’m working on something new and exciting in my next novel, Into the Bowels of the Sea. (Interesting title, isn’t it? Please let me know what you really think.) Why is it “new and exciting”? 

Glad you asked. Well, for starters, it takes place at sea and I don’t know the first thing about the sea — yes, I swim — but it’s exciting to be able to plunge in, “sink or swim” so to speak. But I digress. The story is about a teenager who must survive at sea by himself after his father dies… and that’s it. I don’t have much more, just that the idea of learning on how one survives at sea could be very fun

One thing I do know for sure, I don’t plan on writing it “straight.” You know, the typical TV or movie script boring fashion… Oh, Oh… I got to go… I just got an email from Amazon support that they are working on resolving my issue. And they need more info in order to help me out.

Til’ we meet again, “CYA!”

James Oliver Youngcliff

This illustration is an example from the up and coming children's book, The Magical, Mystical Golden Steed.
Strawflower, the golden steed, wonders what is this raven doing sitting on top of a puma?
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