Fiction and Fantasy Writer for Children and Young Adults

Children and young adult fiction writer James O. Youngcliff, credited with several excitingtelling stories for adolescents with his BluBerrie Series. His works never fail to impart wisdom for those willing to take the time to go down the “road less traveled.” So, prepare yourself for the strange and twisted.

The Pickled Man, The Golden Steed are two of Youngcliff’s most recent works, aimed at older youngsters. Both novels contain simple entertaining stories for the casual reader. Still, by the author’s accounts, lying beneath the surface, there’s an undercurrent of complex family connections that will become apparent to other readers who continue to pick up his novels. 

The Pickled Man, mild for horror a story these days, and The Magical Mystical Golden Steed, a fantasy that I had fun writing, and I’m sure young teen readers will appreciate, both works, excited my tastebuds for more serious writing. The former, with its political concerns for the environment, and the last story, with its colorful surrealistic fantasies, that reinvigorated my drawing skills, allowed me to fill the pages with a higher level of awareness. And infuse my concerns of humankind’s taste for greed and its consequences–enough said,” the author states.

Originally from New York City, he lives in Dade City, Florida now, and when not writing, he oil paints, draws and exhibits in art galleries throughout his home state.

Just finished, and soon to be available: BluBerrie: The Botanical Garden; is James O. Youngcliff’s fifth illustrated children’s story, with the full cast of BluBerrie’s friends. In this story, the gang heads off on another adventure into the world of plants and more crazy trouble: a delightful yet, educational read for the girls and boys. Don’t miss it.

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