It seems, and once again, it’s been another year since my last post. So, if anybody is still interested, I have only one word for you: Sorry. As the quote goes, “Life is hell, and then you die,” seems to make sense for me as I get older; and perhaps, less wiser.

  • I’VE LOSS MY WAY: As of today, writing doesn’t mean as much as it did when I first started. Why? Well, for one, I feel I’m writing to no one other than myself. Sales are down, readership is terrible, and even negative feedback is scarce–if you can believe that…
  • My kids and grandkids are all grown now. And my stories are either too young or beyond their years, or interest, and for that matter, perhaps, too busy in their daily lives to care.
  • And finally, somehow, my farming interests have taken a big chunk of my time and energy.
On A More Positive Note

Colorful Book Cover: Demons at Clay RiverI’ve published Demons at Clay River, a fantasy/horror/romance novel, and it’s currently available both in paperback and digital formats at! It’s one of the longest stories I’ve written for young adults with chapter illustration by Jacabo, a surrealist painter and illustrator ( me 🙂 ).

In addition, I’m currently rewriting and editing a manuscript I wrote several years back and never published, and I have another story in the works with five chapters already written. Yes, I’ve been producing, but these few novels in the works will be the end for the foreseeable future. (We’ll see?)

As I see it

It’s going to be a turbulent year for me, both personality and work-wise. More to come on these and other subjects. For now, let’s see if I can pull my enthusiasm out of the other gutter and onto the page.




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James O. Youngcliff is a children’s fiction writer who has published several exciting “telling stories” for adolescents with his BluBerrie Series. In addition, he’s written several fantasy novels for the advanced young adult reader. His works, however, never fail to impart wisdom for those willing to take the time to go down the “road less traveled.” So, prepare yourself for the strange, surreal, and twisted. Originally from New York City, he lives in Dade City, Florida and when not writing, he oil paints, and exhibits in art galleries throughout his home state. Currently, he is working on his fifth BluBerrie Chapter Book, BluBerrie: The Botanical Garden, publishing soon. Be sure to check for more book details or visit his blog at To purchase his books, go to at:

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