New Changes

My New Year’s Expectations

It can only go up: My eldest son and family couldn’t make it for the Christmas Holiday; for health reasons, I’m rethinking what I want to do from now on; and although, I finally published, An Artificial Christmas, in paperback, the e-book will have to wait, and so started 2022 on the “down-hill-express.”


Even though the keys aren’t clicking on my keyboard, I’m taking care of “stuff” around the house that I’ve neglected in the latter part of 2021. So, I don’t become a total vegetable: I’ve mended fences, painted the porch, and worked on the garden and lawn to keep me active, and I’m raising cattle!

My Book Advertising on Amazon

In a word: “Troubling!”

Significant book description updates and financial sales strategies are pending. But I’m letting things “ride” in January. Meaning: I haven’t figured out what to do to increase sales.

The “clicks” are there, but the fish aren’t biting. Doing some cruising on the web for solutions seems to point to, again, better “book descriptions” and finding the “right niche,” easier said than done.

What Else? OH, Yes…

One big announcement: Jacabo Studio, Inc. is no more (as of the end of December 2021)!

Yes, I’ve had to close down my company, and several websites i.e.,, and (for now), and along with it, publishing. But no worries to my readers, I will continue to self-publish my books. For now, several of the emails for the previous books will be redirected to my current email: joy(@)jamesoyoungcliff(.com) [Remove both parentheses from the email address.] But eventually, they will stop working.

I’ve had to cut back on all the marketing of my works: both paintings and drawings, and books so that I can concentrate on just writing. Also, for these reasons: the maintenance of corporate paperwork is a lot of work and time-consuming if one doesn’t have an accountant; funds are no longer available to keep several websites going and a corporation viable; and, I just didn’t find it fun to do anymore.

And so, there’s nothing more to say — oh, yes, I forgot — last night, an idea came to me for my next teen novel. It’s not much, but hey, it’s worth a try: it’s a fantasy (for now, maybe horror as well) and takes place at a zoo. Once I get more down on paper, I’ll be better able to determine if I should write the story.

Moreover, I can tell you that our main character is a heroine-of-sorts who discovers she can become anything she wants to, so long as she…

… Sorry, that’s all I have… I’ve got an inspiration, got to go and jot down a few more story ideas for this novel.




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