Wow! It’s Been Over a Year!

Dear Fans: (If I have any left)

Time does fly. It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since my last post! All I can say is that I’ve been busy.  And yes, I’ve been writing too. But I am mostly going crazy, and messing around with a bit of farming. And yes, more writing. I bought a small herd of cattle, chickens, and turkeys. soon to come next month. I planted over twenty fruit trees (in the Florida Sunshine state it can get addictive) and bought myself a tractor to shovel (and sell) cow manure.

Yes, you read that right. Dear old (over seventy now) James O. Youngcliff has gone to the “dirt side.”

But No Worries — I Have a Big Surprise

I’ve written a new book: Demons at Clay River. Right now, I’m editing it and plan on publishing it in late summer. It will depend on if I can get my editor to schedule me during that time. Otherwise, It will have to wait till fall. Either way, I am super excited to have finished it in between the cattle and farming. This puppy is intended for young teens. And hopefully, it will take off during the Halloween season.

I won’t reveal more at this time because the story is sort of original for horror. And yet, there’s more action than horror in it, but as I said, it is an original tale that deals with parents vs. kids and vice versa.

Although It May Not Be Appropriate Here

As I mentioned last year my company and artistic enthusiasm both went defunct. However, I resurrected the latter, although it’s only now becoming a “thing” that I can “build on” for my artistic future. So, it needed “fueling” to get going. Therefore, I created a new website for this new inspiration: (Jacabo is my artistic alias).

Don’t ask me what I plan on doing with the site at this time. It’s a statement of sorts for me. A wish, perhaps, to do better and to devote some time in between all the funky stuff I’ve gotten myself involved with lately, on my oil painting and charcoal drawings. You’ll hear more on this down the road in posts to come. For now, wish me luck.

That’s It

I’ve got a promise I made to my young readers that’s in the work for my next book. The second book is in the A Potter’s GraveYard Trilogy. I have a tentative working title for it: Do No Evil If You Can (the first book was Fear No Evil If You Dare) Other than this catchy title I have nothing more. It’s much easier to build a story on my existing characters and I did leave the ending open for further development. Things should move right along as soon as I clear my head and agenda to sit down and write the story.

So, folks, it’s been nice getting back in the “saddle” so to speak. And thanks for tagging along with me.

CYA. j.o.y.

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