Great News: I’m Done!

BluBerrie: The Botanical Gardens is published!

Cover for Fear No Evil If You Dare

You wouldn’t believe the stress level that comes with publishing three novels at a time. I certainly didn’t, until now! So no need to go over all of the old war stories and report; all I know is that I enjoyed writing it for my young readers in hopes they will enjoy this BluBerrie Kid’s adventure into the world of plants and flowers too.

Also, I want to let you in on one little secret: I did all the illustrations in a new software program from Affinity (Designer) instead of Sketchbook. It was a difficult transition for me after three years of using the previous app.

One such challenge arrived as no surprise. My drawing tablet’s drivers (Picasso from Penpower) would not ultimately work with Designer when using the stylus for pressure sketching. In addition, Window10’s drivers couldn’t access the handy buttons on the tablet. It took some time to get used to the handicap.

Creativity Became An Issue

Cover for Fear No Evil If You DareDrained after finishing Fear No Evil If You Dare, a fantasy/horror novel for nine to eleven-year-olds, and the corrections and rewrites that came after my editor returned my manuscript, and then, I had to jump into the illustrations for BluBerrie–ouch!

One mitigating factor in all this, I had another novel in the works that I threw together at the last minute, with all of the crazy stuff happening. This story came to me one night while sleeping. Yes, it sounds corny but true. It was a short novel, but I had to tell it.

This novel has many Spanish phrases and dialog, hoping to extend my writing to show more diversity and understanding of my culture, struggles, and hardship we and many have endured when leaving their homeland for a new and “better” life.

It’s all about Christmas and one of the happiest times of the year for most. But I wrote it not intending any criticism, only to point out the old tale: that if you think things can be greener on the other side, it isn’t. Anyway… I feel I showed a balanced perspective that youngsters can easily understand. So please check it out; it’s coming soon.

Deadlines, Deadlines, and More Deadlines

FNEIYC’s deadline was set for Halloween, and have no fear; I made it. Although, I wished I had published it a week sooner. This novel is my longest yet, with great hopes of becoming one of my most popular novels yet. Also, check it out at: 

  • Fear No Evil If You Dare published: October 2021
  • BluBerrie: The Botanical Garden published ahead of schedule: December 2021. Available now (See link above.)
  • Untitled, (Christmas story) publishing: Thanksgiving 2021 (Keeping checking for viability.)
Long Post, But I Had A Lot To Say

Well, I’m heading for a great breakfast. My dear loving wife has prepared for me to celebrate my successes. I hope you check out these new books for your children’s holidays and wish the best for every little one and a big one in your family, a wonderful and joyous time of the year.

“I’ve been on a stress ladder for so long; I got to watch my step in fear I might fall off.”


BTW: If you are one of the early ones who get a copy of Fear No Evil If You Dare, there is a FREE Offer at the back of the book that you’ll enjoy. Hurry, and be the firsts to take advantage…

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