BluBerrie: The Gallery is Available for Pre-Orders


I have a good reason for not posting: I’ve been finishing up on my latest novel: BluBerrie: The Gallery. The only thing left to do on it is to replace certain illustrations with better artwork and then, it will be done. Jacabo Studio, my publisher, is shooting for November 29th as a release date. However, anybody that wants to pre-order, it’s available now.


What do I mean by that? Well, with all the other crazy stuff going on (more on this another time), I’ve also started another manuscript. I have this wonderful idea to use some of my earlier ideas from a previous book (unfinished) and use them in a smaller novel (60K – 65K in length). I’d like to reveal my current title here, which I personally love, but my publisher said, “No,” for now. (If the suspense is too great [I only hope] email and on an individual basis I might be persuade to tell.)


I just found out that back in August of this year, my ranking on Amazon rose from a possible pool of approx. 1.5 million writers to 97K.  I’m not too sure if I should be boasting about that, but I feel it shows some merit, what little it may be. Sales of my books are dreadful! But I have hope, things will change soon.

What really helped boost sales was Amazon’s Giveaways or so I’m told. And of which, Amazon is now retiring. Either way, I’m not into it for the money (really?) and most of my reward comes from leaving some measure of who I am as a person behind with my stories. Simple enough, and probably not a very original thought — oh, well…


I have two copies of my original book, BluBerrie: The Party to giveaway (that means free) to the first two fans that email me. I will pay to ship within the United States. Also, I will have to put a limit as to how long. Let me think, let’s say to November 28th, 2019 is the deadline to get your request in. Please email me at (please remove the 1,2, 3) and provide your address. (I will not sell or use it for any other purpose than to send your free copy of my book.)

OK, got to go…

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Published by James O. Youngcliff

James O. Youngcliff is a children’s fiction writer who has published several exciting “telling stories” for adolescents with his BluBerrie Series. In addition, he’s written several fantasy novels for the advanced young adult reader. His works, however, never fail to impart wisdom for those willing to take the time to go down the “road less traveled.” So, prepare yourself for the strange, surreal, and twisted. Originally from New York City, he lives in Dade City, Florida and when not writing, he oil paints, and exhibits in art galleries throughout his home state. Currently, he is working on his fifth BluBerrie Chapter Book, BluBerrie: The Botanical Garden, publishing soon. Be sure to check for more book details or visit his blog at To purchase his books, go to at:

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