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The Inside Scoop

It’s true; I’m almost halfway through writing a new novel for youngsters. And yes, I have some hints about what’s in the manuscript: It’s a fantasy, mystery, and horror novel all roll into one—what else? I guess that’s what happens when an author enjoys telling scary stories to kids.

And, as is my favorite choice of theme in my works (and I’m not going to disappoint), one character, Larissa Blake, will face challenges and life choices in the world of the supernatural beyond her control.

Is that going to be a lot to digest for a young mind? Not really. Lately, I’ve had many a surprise at the level of their understanding of the story process. First hand, I can report I’ve seen these gifted minds in action among my grandkids.

I can tell you that this novel will place our leading character, Larissa, in direct conflict with supernatural powers. She will require independent thinking and logical problem solving to master an escape from her dire predicament.

Like Todd Paul in my earlier fantasy/horror novel: The Pickled Man, there is a moral lesson in my books that the young reader can, if not at the end of the read, certainly later in life, take away. But trust me, it won’t be boring.

And so, be on the lookout soon; I promise to get this new work published by summer.

What About BluBerrie?

Most of my BluBerrie fans are probably wondering when my BluBerrie: The Botanical Gardens will be published? Sorry, I’ve not had the inspiration to finish illustrating the manuscript. Maybe if enough fans request it, I’d get motivated?

That’s it for now. I got to get back to finishing my new story. Remember: Don’t put off what you can do today, for tomorrow may never come to get it done… (Not sure if that’s the way this saying goes? LOL.)


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Published by James O. Youngcliff

James O. Youngcliff is a children’s fiction writer who has published several exciting “telling stories” for adolescents with his BluBerrie Series. In addition, he’s written several fantasy novels for the advanced young adult reader. His works, however, never fail to impart wisdom for those willing to take the time to go down the “road less traveled.” So, prepare yourself for the strange, surreal, and twisted. Originally from New York City, he lives in Dade City, Florida and when not writing, he oil paints, and exhibits in art galleries throughout his home state. Currently, he is working on his fifth BluBerrie Chapter Book, BluBerrie: The Botanical Garden, publishing soon. Be sure to check for more book details or visit his blog at To purchase his books, go to at:

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